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The Wizard is one of Paul Horton's more recent characters and appears to be based on one of Craig Denston's puppets (as the jesters are). The robed magical figure opens up an entire new world of myths and fairy tales to explore.

A World of Imagination (Paul Horton)Beyond the Shadowlands (Paul Horton)Finding the Secret (Paul Horton)
A World of ImaginationBeyond the ShadowlandsFinding the Secret

In a World of Dreams (Paul Horton)In My Life Book (Paul Horton)In My Life Portfolio (Paul Horton)
In a World of DreamsIn My Life BookIn My Life Portfolio

Shadowlands (Paul Horton)Shadowlands (Bronze) (Paul Horton)Shadowlands (Resin) (Paul Horton)
ShadowlandsShadowlands (Bronze)Shadowlands (Resin)

Spellbound (Paul Horton)The Hideaway (Paul Horton)The Secret Path (Paul Horton)
SpellboundThe HideawayThe Secret Path

The Teaparty (Paul Horton)The Untold Story (Paul Horton)When Magic Calls (Paul Horton)
The TeapartyThe Untold StoryWhen Magic Calls
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