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Victorian Man
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Working Man
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In My Life

John D Wilson Gallery

The Victorian Man

Truly a mysterious man, this character is open to many different interpretations from which Paul Horton wonders whether he is Jack the Ripper, a magician, or Phileas Fogg. Only one person knows the true answer, and he is keeping it a mystery.

A World of Imagination (Paul Horton)House of Secrets (Paul Horton)I Walk Alone (Paul Horton)
A World of ImaginationHouse of SecretsI Walk Alone

In My Life Book (Paul Horton)In My Life Portfolio (Paul Horton)Man of Mystery (Paul Horton)
In My Life BookIn My Life PortfolioMan of Mystery

Man of Mystery (Bronze) (Paul Horton)Man of Mystery (Resin) (Paul Horton)Man Out of Time (Paul Horton)
Man of Mystery (Bronze)Man of Mystery (Resin)Man Out of Time

Metropolis (Paul Horton)No Turning Back (Paul Horton)Shadows in Time (Paul Horton)
MetropolisNo Turning BackShadows in Time

Someone Knocking at my Door (Paul Horton)The Journeyman (Paul Horton)The Man Who No-one Knows (Paul Horton)
Someone Knocking at my DoorThe JourneymanThe Man Who No-one Knows

The One and Only (Paul Horton)The Special Gift (Paul Horton)The Teaparty (Paul Horton)
The One and OnlyThe Special GiftThe Teaparty
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