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Paul Horton's street scenes have become one of his most popular settings and appear as the background to many different pictures and characters. Individual houses are also featured as the main subject of some of his work.

A Dream Come True (Paul Horton)A Great Night Out (Paul Horton)A Hard Days Work (Paul Horton)
A Dream Come TrueA Great Night OutA Hard Days Work

A Love Found (Paul Horton)A Love We Share (Paul Horton)A New Beginning (Paul Horton)
A Love FoundA Love We ShareA New Beginning

A New Start (Paul Horton)A Tramps Life (Paul Horton)A Well Earned Pint (Paul Horton)
A New StartA Tramps LifeA Well Earned Pint

A Winters Dream (Paul Horton)A Winters Walk (Paul Horton)After the Day is Done (Paul Horton)
A Winters DreamA Winters WalkAfter the Day is Done

After the Day is Done (Vase) (Paul Horton)All in a Lifes Work (Paul Horton)All Men are Hungry (Paul Horton)
After the Day is Done (Vase)All in a Lifes WorkAll Men are Hungry

Alley Cat (Paul Horton)Around Every Corner (Paul Horton)At the end of the Day (Paul Horton)
Alley CatAround Every CornerAt the end of the Day

Autumn (Paul Horton)Be Home Soon (Paul Horton)Beside the Sea (Sculpture) (Paul Horton)
AutumnBe Home SoonBeside the Sea (Sculpture)

Beyond the Shadowlands (Paul Horton)Community of Spirit (Paul Horton)Days of Summer (Paul Horton)
Beyond the ShadowlandsCommunity of SpiritDays of Summer

Days to Remember (Paul Horton)Down Our Street (Paul Horton)Downhill Racers (Paul Horton)
Days to RememberDown Our StreetDownhill Racers

Endless Love (Paul Horton)Falling for You (Paul Horton)Far Beyond Forever (Paul Horton)
Endless LoveFalling for YouFar Beyond Forever

Finding my way (Paul Horton)Finding the Secret (Paul Horton)Follow A Dream (Paul Horton)
Finding my wayFinding the SecretFollow A Dream

Go Play Up Your Own End (Paul Horton)Gonna Be A Big Star Some Day (Paul Horton)Having a Rest (Paul Horton)
Go Play Up Your Own EndGonna Be A Big Star Some DayHaving a Rest

Heart and Soul (Paul Horton)Heart of the City (Paul Horton)Home and Hearts Day (Paul Horton)
Heart and SoulHeart of the CityHome and Hearts Day

Home and Hearts Night (Paul Horton)Home to the Ones I Love (Paul Horton)Homes and Hearts 1 (Bronze) (Paul Horton)
Home and Hearts NightHome to the Ones I LoveHomes and Hearts 1 (Bronze)

Homes and Hearts 1 (Resin) (Paul Horton)Homes and Hearts 2 (Bronze) (Paul Horton)Homes and Hearts 2 (Resin) (Paul Horton)
Homes and Hearts 1 (Resin)Homes and Hearts 2 (Bronze)Homes and Hearts 2 (Resin)

House of Love (Paul Horton)House of Secrets (Paul Horton)I Walk Alone (Paul Horton)
House of LoveHouse of SecretsI Walk Alone

If You Believe (Paul Horton)In a World of Dreams (Paul Horton)In My Hour of Need (Paul Horton)
If You BelieveIn a World of DreamsIn My Hour of Need

In My Life (I Love you More) (Paul Horton)In My Life Book (Paul Horton)In the Summertime... (Paul Horton)
In My Life (I Love you More)In My Life BookIn the Summertime...

Its a Wonderful Life (Paul Horton)Its my Life (Paul Horton)Just for You (Paul Horton)
Its a Wonderful LifeIts my LifeJust for You

Life and Times (Paul Horton)Life on the Road (Paul Horton)Light of Love (Paul Horton)
Life and TimesLife on the RoadLight of Love

Light of the World (Paul Horton)Love is Life (Paul Horton)Lovers Lane (Paul Horton)
Light of the WorldLove is LifeLovers Lane

Man of Mystery (Paul Horton)Man Out of Time (Paul Horton)Metropolis (Paul Horton)
Man of MysteryMan Out of TimeMetropolis

Moon River (Paul Horton)Never Say Goodbye (Paul Horton)No Place like Home (Bronze) (Paul Horton)
Moon RiverNever Say GoodbyeNo Place like Home (Bronze)

No Place like Home (Resin) (Paul Horton)No Place Like Home 1 (Paul Horton)No Place Like Home 2 (Paul Horton)
No Place like Home (Resin)No Place Like Home 1No Place Like Home 2

No Turning Back (Paul Horton)Not Just Another Day (Paul Horton)On a Magical Winters Eve (Paul Horton)
No Turning BackNot Just Another DayOn a Magical Winters Eve

On Rainbow Days (Paul Horton)On Summer Days (Paul Horton)On the Road Again (Paul Horton)
On Rainbow DaysOn Summer DaysOn the Road Again

On Winter Nights (Paul Horton)Onward and Upward (Paul Horton)Our Happy Home (Paul Horton)
On Winter NightsOnward and UpwardOur Happy Home

Our House (Paul Horton)Out of the Blue (Paul Horton)Sail Away With Me (Paul Horton)
Our HouseOut of the BlueSail Away With Me

Sea of Love (Paul Horton)Shadows in Time (Paul Horton)Smugglers Cove (Paul Horton)
Sea of LoveShadows in TimeSmugglers Cove

Someone Knocking at my Door (Paul Horton)Something Special (Paul Horton)Somewhere Only We Know (Paul Horton)
Someone Knocking at my DoorSomething SpecialSomewhere Only We Know

Spirit of Summer (Paul Horton)Spring (Paul Horton)Stepping Out (Paul Horton)
Spirit of SummerSpringStepping Out

Still of the Night (Paul Horton)Such A Life (Paul Horton)Summer (Paul Horton)
Still of the NightSuch A LifeSummer

Summer Skies (Paul Horton)The Call of Home (Paul Horton)The Good Life (Paul Horton)
Summer SkiesThe Call of HomeThe Good Life

The Good Life (Bronze) (Paul Horton)The Good Life (Resin) (Paul Horton)The Hideaway (Paul Horton)
The Good Life (Bronze)The Good Life (Resin)The Hideaway

The Journeyman (Paul Horton)The Last Man (Paul Horton)The Long Days of Summer (Paul Horton)
The JourneymanThe Last ManThe Long Days of Summer

The Long Road Home (Paul Horton)The Magic of the Cup (Paul Horton)The Man Who No-one Knows (Paul Horton)
The Long Road HomeThe Magic of the CupThe Man Who No-one Knows

The One and Only (Paul Horton)The Road to Glory (Paul Horton)The Road to Happiness (Paul Horton)
The One and OnlyThe Road to GloryThe Road to Happiness

The Skys the Limit (Paul Horton)The Special Gift (Paul Horton)The Street Players (Paul Horton)
The Skys the LimitThe Special GiftThe Street Players

The Teaparty (Paul Horton)The Works (Bronze) (Paul Horton)The Works (Resin) (Paul Horton)
The TeapartyThe Works (Bronze)The Works (Resin)

Together as One (Paul Horton)United We Stand (Paul Horton)Walking the Dog (Paul Horton)
Together as OneUnited We StandWalking the Dog

Watch over Me (Paul Horton)When Magic Calls (Paul Horton)When we were Kings (Paul Horton)
Watch over MeWhen Magic CallsWhen we were Kings

When you need a special friend (Paul Horton)Where my Heart Belongs (Paul Horton)Who knows where the road may lead (Paul Horton)
When you need a special friendWhere my Heart BelongsWho knows where the road may lead

Who Would Have Believed It (Paul Horton)Winter (Paul Horton)Winter Wishes (Paul Horton)
Who Would Have Believed ItWinterWinter Wishes

Wonderland (Paul Horton)Your Heart and Mine (Paul Horton)
WonderlandYour Heart and Mine
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