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Chester the Tramp
Childhood Nostalgia
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Scruff the Dog
Victorian Man
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Working Man
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Unpublished Originals

These are images of originals which have not had limited edition prints made of them. They have been sold to individuals who have contacted me, and offered images of their pictures to share with a wider audience.

I am sure there are more Paul Horton originals in private collections, and I would welcome any further contributions to the gallery. If you have any images you would be willing to share, please e-mail with the details; I know any additions to this gallery will be greatly appreciated by the many people interested in Paul's work.

A Hard Days Work (Paul Horton)A New Start (Paul Horton)After the Day is Done (Paul Horton)
A Hard Days WorkA New StartAfter the Day is Done

All For Love (Unpublished) (Paul Horton)As Love Grows (Paul Horton)Chester - A Study (Paul Horton)
All For Love (Unpublished)As Love GrowsChester - A Study

Having a Rest (Paul Horton)Hide Away (Paul Horton)In a World of Dreams (Paul Horton)
Having a RestHide AwayIn a World of Dreams

Life on the Road (Paul Horton)Man Against Time (Paul Horton)Man Out of Time (Paul Horton)
Life on the RoadMan Against TimeMan Out of Time

Someone Knocking at my Door (Paul Horton)Something Special (Paul Horton)Such A Life (Paul Horton)
Someone Knocking at my DoorSomething SpecialSuch A Life

Summer Skies (Paul Horton)The Call of Home (Paul Horton)The Jester (Paul Horton)
Summer SkiesThe Call of HomeThe Jester

The Teaparty (Paul Horton)Under the Stars (Paul Horton)Walking Home (Paul Horton)
The TeapartyUnder the StarsWalking Home

Walking the Dog (Paul Horton)Whirligigs (Paul Horton)Working Man - A Tonal Study (Paul Horton)
Walking the DogWhirligigsWorking Man - A Tonal Study
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