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Paul HortonPaul Horton has been described as "one of Britain's most exciting and talented living artists today", and the popularity of his work is a clear testament to this.

Paul writes that he wanted to be an artist for as long as he can remember, and as a child he was always drawing and painting. He owes much to his art teacher who made the subject enjoyable and offered much guidance and encouragement. Paul went on to study drawing and painting at Bournville School of Art, specialising in life drawing and the history of art. He set out on a career within the printing industry combining it with developing his style in both fine art and illustration and he was able to sell and exhibit his work at regular intervals.

He did not turn professional until autumn 1997, and held a major one man retrospective exhibition in the summer of the next year entitled All in a Life's Work which was a personal selection of paintings representing his artistic journey. In 2002 Washington Green agreed to publish Paul's work which was launched throughout the UK on the Homes and Hearts tour. Since then his work has been made available worldwide.

Paul has gained a reputation as a pastel specialist, although he likes to work in oils and other media. Fundamentally, he likes to see himself as a figurative artist and enjoy the challenge of a variety of subject matter, from classical nude studies to moody atmospheric landscapes. Alongside his artistic output, Paul also lectures art to special needs students which he sees as challenging and rewarding, but feels it is an opportunity for him to give something back.

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